Clinton III?

Return of the Bubba Administration.

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton still have deep differences, but they managed to make nice while campaigning together this week in Florida.

[Rahm Emanuel]

Mr. Obama may pay Mr. Clinton the ultimate compliment if elected. He’s likely to appoint Chicago Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his new White House chief of staff and John Podesta of the Center for American Progress as his transition chief. Mr. Emanuel served in the Clinton White House as a top aide, and Mr. Podesta is a former chief of staff for President Clinton.

The Associated Press reports that an aide to Rep. Emanuel, Sarah Feinberg, said in an email that her boss “has not been contacted to take a job in an administration that does not yet exist. Everyone is focused on Election Day, as they should be.” But the AP also confirms that both Mr. Emanuel and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle have received feelers about the top White House staff job.

Mr. Emanuel was the architect of the successful Democratic takeover of the House in 2006, and is well known for tough talk and hyper-aggressive tactics. Should he get the job, the Obama White House might well take on the look and feel of the Clinton political “war room” that Dick Morris ran in the mid-1990s. The longer Mr. Obama is a candidate, the more he has seemed to appreciate the Clinton approach. If this is the “change” Mr. Obama has in mind, voters may be surprised how much it turns out to be an updated edition of the last Democratic White House.

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